“Leslie Horton came to me highly recommended by an associate of mine. He told me that she had sold the businesses for a few of his customers and that they were very happy with her. As I met with Leslie, I decided that she was the M&A Advisor that would be able to successfully sell our MRO company (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) in the sanitary pump industry.I know firsthand from my interactions with Leslie that she has created and follows a winning formula and process to achieve a successful sale. I found her to be well informed, professional, strategic, able to dive into the many details, and deliver results. My observation is that she works well independently and with others towards the extensive goals necessary to complete a transaction. During the course of our engagement, I discovered that Leslie has multi-faceted skills that favorably set her apart within the world of M&A professionals. This was demonstrated repeatedly from inception through completion as we navigated through the sales process. Due to an array of challenges (Chinese trade war, stock market meltdown and Covid-19 pandemic which has dragged on), Leslie never wavered to find a well-qualified and appropriate buyer during the upheaval impacting the business world as well as the national and state economies. Despite the choppy waters, with never-before-seen levels of external adversity, Leslie kept on track onward and upward towards the desired outcome. Fortunately, Leslie’s focus, persistence and resilience proved essential to reach a successful transaction with American Fluid Mechanics. I feel confident that this buyer will maintain the strong foundation created during the past twenty-five years and build upon it to achieve additional growth in the years ahead. Leslie has worked tirelessly on our behalf every step of the way. I very much appreciate what she has accomplished and recommend Leslie highly to other business owners who want to see high quality results in selling their businesses.”

Bryan Hampton, CEO & President, ZMT Technologies

“Ms. Horton has multi-faceted skills that set her apart on the playing field within the world of M&A professionals.  While she works with several industries, we soon recognized she has a deeply rooted knowledge of manufacturing that has served her well in working with us.  Due to her strong negotiation skills and tenacity, Leslie was able to get us a higher price on both the business and building than we had imagined to be possible. We very much appreciate what she has accomplished. We recommend Leslie highly to other business owners who want to see high quality results in selling their businesses and commercial buildings.”   

Pete and Linda Wick

I am highly impressed with how Leslie Horton handled our transaction in finding the right buyer with the necessary financial strength and business capabilities to maintain the business legacy I created over many years of growing my company.  Her skills throughout the entire process were top notch and led to a smooth exit and an excellent outcome.  When you are ready to sell your company, I give a strong recommendation to work with Leslie!

Richard Snodgrass

I engaged Leslie Horton to sell our company having heard of her stellar success track record.  She did an impressive job of representing us and negotiating with an equity investor who purchased our business.  Her understanding of M&A, strategic perspective, professional demeanor and ability to successfully address the numerous details of our transaction was most appreciated.  If you desire an excellent outcome, you should hire Leslie!

Tony Corrales

We hired Leslie Horton and were delighted with her work.  Leslie did an excellent job of representing our proprietary plastics company and secured a private equity buyer on our behalf.  Her professionalism, dedication and negotiation skills were impressive and we received a very attractive purchase price as a result of her strategic efforts on our behalf.  We are highly impressed with Leslie and know she will do an exceptional job on your behalf! 

Karl Palmaer

High Technology

For a number of reasons, I think highly of Leslie Horton. Some of these are tied to the key deliverables in facilitating three back-to-back software integration and configuration acquisitions including Sarsoft, Inc., Golden-Gate Technologies and Mega Renaissance during a one-year period. When you seek an outstanding M&A professional, I strongly endorse Leslie!” 

Arun Tolani

Leslie Horton helped one of my portfolio companies by facilitating several acquisitions, managed the negotiations, completed full due diligence, established critical integration and delivered a host of other value-added services. In short, she made my life as a board member much easier. 

Dr. Bruce Robertson, Managing Director of HIG Capital
(Board Member of Purchaser)


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