Exit Strategies

I have heard certain clients state that they have never considered or planned for an exit strategy as it feels either negative, overwhelming or both. They may erroneously believe it will simply “happen” someday.

Actually, the best reason for an exit strategy is to plan how to create and optimize a good situation, rather than escape an undesirable one.

This allows you to run your business and focus your efforts on things that make it more appealing and compelling to the list of acquirers or buyers that you and your M&A Advisor target.

The type of business you choose should align with your skills and interests based upon your goals. The way you grow your company should be aligned with your exit strategy. Never wait until you are in trouble to think about an exit, rather think of it as your smart and successful transition.

Exit Transactions

Every exit transaction requires a successful meeting of the minds.

The first person in this equation is you, the Seller, who has built up over many years a healthy business, and it is oftentimes your largest asset.  You are now expectantly awaiting your well-earned payday.

The second is the right Buyer who is ready and able to move forward and successfully purchase your company.

While there are numerous steps in this journey, the final step is to see a big smile on the face of the seller as he or she receives two very healthy checks: one for their business and another for their commercial building.

There are many different types of buyers: large corporations, private equity firms, strategic buyers, financial buyers and individuals who are now ready to purchase a business after exiting corporate America with a healthy nest egg. 

Your M&A Advisor will help you to attract and receive offers from the right kinds of buyers for your business and your commercial building.