CFO As You Grow &
CFO for Exits

CFO As You Grow

We help companies in the key areas of business analysis, business development, business strategy, finance, and growth. When the need arises in any of these critical areas, our CFO As You Grow program delivers the essential expertise our clients need to optimize business results.

We work closely with our business owners to create fundable business plans, recommend ways to raise investment capital, negotiate larger bank lines, form and facilitate strategic advisory boards, provide big picture visibility on the state of their companies, monitor the pulse of cash management and provide other crucial deliverables.

Our CFO As You Grow program helps owners transform their business desires into reality.

CFO For Exits

Perhaps you are now ready to look at your company’s future sale. An ideal time to sell your business is when there is pent up demand and the cost of money is affordably low. Whether it is this year or three years out, CFO For Exits can help you determine your “saleability” score.

We do this through creating your Discovery Report©. This valuable tool takes information the owner provides and uses a series of complex algorithms and a very large transaction database to evaluate the strength of your business today.

Complementing this Discovery Report© is a Deep Dive© process that helps you, the owner, to fully understand the underlying weaknesses and areas for improvement. It is a highly valuable process where our Founder will assist you in making your company more valuable for a future buyer.

Alternatively, you may be contemplating strategic growth to expand your footprint by acquiring other companies.

Whether sale or growth is of interest to you, our Founder and M&A Advisor, can help you to achieve a successful outcome.