CFO As You Grow
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Management Team

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eTime Solutions helps companies in the key areas of formation, business development and finance. When the need arises in these critical areas, our CFO As You Grow program offerings deliver the necessary expertise to support our clients. Companies go through numerous phases during their business lives and each cycle has distinctively different and important requirements. From the founder's initial vision being captured to the ultimate exit strategy, we enjoy being a valued part of your team so that you successfully navigate to and achieve successful outcomes during each step of the journey.

We work closely with our clients in creating fundable business plans, raising investment capital, creating larger bank lines, forming and facilitating strategic advisory boards, providing big picture visibility on the state of your company, monitoring the pulse of cash management, enhancing strategic growth through M&A activity and reaching successful exit outcomes.

Our CFO As You Grow program complements our clients' management teams in addressing and reaching all desired deliverables phase by phase. We help our clients transform their desires into reality.